Monday, July 28, 2014

The Satanic Dictionary

I have launched a new Tumblr blog titled "The Satanic Dictionary." Working from a master list, I will be sporadically updating it, in no particular order, to compile a reference that may come in handy for anyone seeking concise definitions of core Satanic terminology.

Since I am a Warlock in the Church of Satan, these entries are written with the express intention of reflecting that organization's principles.

Entries are written in as straightforward a manner as possible. It is not an encyclopedia, and complete understanding may require further research on the reader's part. But as LaVey always said, "Satanism demands study, NOT worship."

The original plan was to write and release this as a complete book, but the accessibility and interactivity of a Tumblr blog ultimately seemed more desirable, at least for now. Blogging allows for the gradual development of this reference as it evolves, and its searchability makes it more useful to others along the way.

Since I just celebrated my Birthday, I have begun with nine entries relating to that highest of holidays, along with the ego, pride, and other correlating terms. This was also a good way to begin cross-referencing through links within the definitions.

It is a pleasure to finally have this idea taking shape. As a lover and lifelong collector of dictionaries, I am thrilled to be developing such a reference dedicated to the religion that enhances every aspect of my life.

The Satanic Dictionary blog can be found at

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