Sunday, August 16, 2009

Biomimicry: It's About Time

I've just heard another BBC segment, this one containing much more Satanic insight than anyone in the report seems to recognize. Researchers are picking up a "new" trend: biomimicry. Through biomimicry, analysts apply formulae discovered in "natural" settings and apply them to human technologies, business models, etc. I put "natural" in quotes because humans are part of Nature, no matter how humanity attempts to distinguish itself from other fauna.

It's folly to use the word "nature" as though it excludes humans. Yet that is exactly what these analysts and reporters often do. While I think it's excellent that humans are returning to the cyclical balance of the systems they've rejected for imbalanced, man-made constructs, we all know it's nothing new.

It's a bit embarrassing that people are hailing this as innovation, when we're really just playing catch-up to bring harmony to systems that should have been based on harmonious systems to begin with. Our human ancestors did this. Their evolutionary predecessors did this. How did modern man not get that memo?

To label biomimicry as innovation is to commit Satanic Sin #7 – Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies. Not only is it stupid (Satanic Sin #1) to ignore the laws of natural balance, but it is just as beneficial to work in harmony with them. These geniuses are finally coming around to the eternal principles that were not only under their noses, but all around them all along. Bravo.

The least cynical point I can take from this trend is that our current technologies allow us to learn more than ever from Nature's arrangements. I only hope that mankind can take that knowledge and apply it with wisdom.

That's my rant. Here's a link to the Biomimicry Institute. Let's see what it took so long for Homo "sapiens" to figure out.

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